Monday, November 29, 2010

Saya no Uta? What a cute...

Well, Anyone who knows about Nitro+ probably knows that pretty much every one of their games end up being pretty twisted eroge, no matter how cute and moe they make their characters. In the case of Saya no Uta, almost everything in the game can seem gruesome, except for little Saya on the left here... or so you think.

To make things short, the main male protagonist, Fuminori, is a guy who pretty much wakes up from a brain surgery after a freak accident, but finds out that everything around him has the appearance of rotting raw meat. This includes all the people around him too. Apparently everything had become repulsive to all of his five senses, except for things that are already disgusting in reality. In that case, he would find the look and smell of real rotting meat pleasing.

Fuminori thought he was in a real hell, until he met a pretty little girl...
The only person in the world that didn't look like a monster.
This little girl's name was Saya, and she really is a sweetheart despite her real apperance.

Through the game Fuminori is basically looking for Saya's "father", a mysterious doctor, in order to find out what happened to his brain, and to help Saya look for answers as well.

A lot of people are scared out of their pants from how gory the game is, but the innocence of Saya and the degeneration of Fuminori's humanity are what make this an interesting and bittersweet visual novel. You'll pretty much be on the edge of your seat during the whole game. This is a must play for any visual novel fans, but you'll be disappointed if you expect any happy endings.

Haha my first summary ever ( ´Д`);;~
Here's a little doodle of little Saya I did <3


  1. I love Saya so much. I wish there was more merchandise of her, but Nitro+ hates selling stuff for their characters, I guess. They've been whoring out Soniko a lot, but what about their other characters?

    And thanks for your sketch of her, I'm always looking for new fanart of Saya. It really is one of my favorite VNs.

  2. @Kirari Star

    Haha you're welcome :3.

    I don't know much about Soniko really but i agree that Nitro+ has been showing her off recently. Like I see a lot of her recently and all.

    Well... Nitro+ does have a good amount of merchandise for their VNs but they're hard to find i think? I really don't know of any Saya no Uta merchandise oAo;;. It's a shame because I think a figurine that looked like the first pic I posted would be wonderful~.

    The latest Nitro+ big merchandising item would have to be the Steins;Gate nendoroid figure of Kurisu Makise. All of the things Nitro+ merchandise now have been pretty recent, so I think they don't feel like merchandising something they haven't promoted since 2003. It would be a great treat if they ever did though :3.

  3. Very cute drawing. I hope to see some doujins from you soon.


  4. I love Saya no Uta, it's probably my favorite VN regardless of how short it was. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it and I think it was the first VN I fully completed.

    I like the drawing of Saya too, you're talented and I really wish I could draw that well. Next try drawing Saya in her true form ;)

    Actually, that said, I think it's about time to play Saya no Uta yet again.