Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Utatane Piko || Haters gonna hate...

So, what about that new male vocaloid?
Yes, this is a male.
Why does he look and sound so girly?
His voice is from the male Nico Nico Douga singer ピコ[Piko], who is known as a 両声類 Ryouseirui [a person that has a male and female vocal range].
The whole point of this vocaloid was to be able to have a vocaloid have the vocal option of a more male or female voice (if not promote Piko's new career as a professional singer.)

Why am I posting this?
For all the people that just love this new vocaloid...
Actually, I've noticed people are "very disappoint" with this new vocaloid, saying it sounds like other vocaloids, or sounds like an UTAU.
I don't know about you guys, but I can help but love this little guy.
Personally I think that his voice is fine, and pretty cute (and has an actual male as a voice sample, yummy!). Remember Kaito? Len? Gakupo? Luka? Of course you do... but you didn't care back then probably. I mean... their voices were... not all that great. People would say they disliked them just by their demos. Come on, it's a demo. Chances are, a few months later someones going to make an awesome song or a hilarious vid that will make everyone go "WHO IS THAT VOCALOID? SHE'S SO KAWAII!" or "LOL I DON'T EVEN". Point is, you'll end up liking him anyway. Vocaloid's have so much versatility. That's what makes it have such a big fan base. You don't have to like him, but just... don't hate the little cutie :'(.
So stop hatin', and appreciate. Word.

Here's some videos of the singer Piko using his masculine and feminine voices.

His normal, masculine voice:

His girly, feminine voice:

His vocaloid, Utatane Piko:

Now for a doodle by yours truely (B... *shot*
Woah, made him so shota owo;.
Hopefully his true power will be unleashed when the full version is out!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Saya no Uta? What a cute...

Well, Anyone who knows about Nitro+ probably knows that pretty much every one of their games end up being pretty twisted eroge, no matter how cute and moe they make their characters. In the case of Saya no Uta, almost everything in the game can seem gruesome, except for little Saya on the left here... or so you think.

To make things short, the main male protagonist, Fuminori, is a guy who pretty much wakes up from a brain surgery after a freak accident, but finds out that everything around him has the appearance of rotting raw meat. This includes all the people around him too. Apparently everything had become repulsive to all of his five senses, except for things that are already disgusting in reality. In that case, he would find the look and smell of real rotting meat pleasing.

Fuminori thought he was in a real hell, until he met a pretty little girl...
The only person in the world that didn't look like a monster.
This little girl's name was Saya, and she really is a sweetheart despite her real apperance.

Through the game Fuminori is basically looking for Saya's "father", a mysterious doctor, in order to find out what happened to his brain, and to help Saya look for answers as well.

A lot of people are scared out of their pants from how gory the game is, but the innocence of Saya and the degeneration of Fuminori's humanity are what make this an interesting and bittersweet visual novel. You'll pretty much be on the edge of your seat during the whole game. This is a must play for any visual novel fans, but you'll be disappointed if you expect any happy endings.

Haha my first summary ever ( ´Д`);;~
Here's a little doodle of little Saya I did <3